The Melissa Nathan Foundation: Supporting families in crisis

The Melissa Nathan Foundation was founded to provide financial support for families that are in crisis.

Melissa would frequently do this herself without ever telling any one about it. The stories of her kindness and generosity in helping families in their moments of need have only emerged since she died.

Our wish is to continue to help families in Melissa’s name.

The families might be struggling to cope with illness, incapacity, poverty or other domestic crisis. Whatever the cause, we want to help deal with the consequences.

Please help us. If you would like us to continue Melissa’s efforts to help others, please pledge a donation using the link above.

We were very proud to present a cheque at the 2008 Melissa Nathan Awards ceremony from the Melissa Nathan Foundation, to an organisation that has been doing extraordinary work for the last 9 years to help individuals and families that are indeed in crisis.

The Willow Foundation was founded in 1999 by former Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeper and TV presenter, Bob Wilson and his wife, Megs, in memory of their beautiful daughter, Anna, who died of cancer shortly before her 32nd birthday. The Willow Foundation provides special days for seriously ill young adults; and currently organises almost 3000 such days a year.